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This site deals with Isometric and related projections. Gives useful background on Axonometric projection. This site is meant as a resource for teachers and pupils in second level schools in Ireland.
An excellent and extensive site covering design basics and communication of design. Has sections on sketching, colour and rendering as well. Give yourself an hour to look around it.
designed to support teachers involved with ECT and CAD/CAM. While based around a specific software the sections on “Effective Practice” and “Student Showcase” are well worth a look. They are an excellent illustration of the potential of these new technologies in a school setting.
Draw Right is a uniquely designed board developed by Cathal Keane-Breslin the founder of Draw Right. It was while he was studying Design Communication Graphics for his Leaving Certificate that he got the idea for the board. The Draw Right board allows the user to draw accurately, quickly and comfortably time and time again, without breaking the bank.

Company specialises in DCG room & office furniture. Clients range from  the large corporation, including government departments, and schools to the home office user; each is provided with a product tailored to their needs. At the centre of the product range is the eSPACE space management system, the solution for creating office spaces that are more productive, cost effective and healthier.  Sample DCG rooms available for viewing on the company website and also at:

SolidProfessor is a SolidWorks Solution Partner delivering the largest library of SolidWorks video training and tutorial courses on the market. The SolidProfessor Technology Grant provides the SolidProfessor online learning system for SolidWorks to Students, Instructors, and Engineering Labs.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. You’ll find it an excellent source of background and reference information. It is easy to navigate and free to use. Try some other topics which interest you – you’ll be amazed at what’s out there!
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Updated Room Layouts

Updated Room Layouts for Post Primary Schools are currently available in both CAD and PDF format from the DES website.


T4 Workshops

Click on the calendar above for details of upcoming PDST workshops for the technology subjects. Click on the "Look for more" link to view events further in the future.


Construction Studies

New PDST publication available " Construction Studies - Exploring Teaching, Learning & Assessment"


New JC & LC Technology Books

Golden Key Publishers, who published “Technology for Leaving Certificate” in 2015 have informed us that “Technology for Junior Certificate” by Paul Enright will be available in August 2016 .


ICT for teaching & Learning

Example of a flipped learning approach in a Tech Graphics class.