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Frequently Asked Questions

Do my students have to use SolidWorks in their Coursework Portfolio?

No. It is acceptable for your students to use freehand sketches, drawings produced using instruments, other CAD software or a combination of methods. The main criteria is that drawings/sketches used in the portfolio convey your students ideas as they develop their design and give sufficient detail for the final design to be manufactured.


Are PIC boards acceptable to use as part of the candidates exam projects for Junior Certificate Technology?


The breif of the Technology Subjects Support Service’s was to provide support for the introduction of the new Leaving Certificate Technology subject. T4 encouraged the use of PIC technology across all project work, but this specific query is outside the remit of support service and we recommend that teachers should contact the Examination and Assessment Manager (EAM) for Technology at the State Examinations Commission (SEC). He/She will be in a position to provide clarification in relation the use of this technology for Junior Certificate.


Is the ‘Student PIC project board’ still available?

Unfortunately the ‘Student PIC project board’ is no longer available. However the GENIE range of PIC control boards now provide a broad range of PIC PCB’s which students can populate to meet specific requirements, see http://www.genieonline.com/.

Any of the following two GENIE PCB kits in particular can be used in place of the ‘Student PIC project board’ :

  • GENIE E18 Activity board, code PCB118
  • GENIE E18 Project board, code PCB218