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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a set of the Construction Studies posters produced by T4?

T4 did produce a set of posters of Concrete Wall & Ground Floor, Concrete Wall & Suspended Floor, Timber Frame Wall & Ground Floor and Timber Frame Wall & Suspended Floor, but we have no further copies of the posters in stock and have no plans at present to reprint.  Copies of the posters are available for download however from our website at http://www.t4.ie/arch_resources.html.  Look under the Building Details tab.

Why is there so few resources developed by T4 for Construction Studies?

The implementation of the revised Architectural Technology syllabus to repalce the current Construction Studies was put on hold in 2007 by the Department of Education & Skills and is still awaiting the green light to proceed. If you have any resources which you have developed for your own use and would like to share with your colleagues please send them to t4@pdst.ie and we will be happy to place them on our web site. You will be credited with supplying the resources and retain copyright of the material.