Webinar for T4 Teachers
Identifying Geometry to Support Design in SolidWorks

This webinar will provide an opportunity for teachers who were unable to attend our similarly titled seminars from October/November 2021, to engage with the key learning from those events.

The webinar will comprise two sessions. The first session will focus on sketching the geometry of an object in preparation for creating the object in SolidWorks. A panel of practicing teachers will demonstrate their approach to the creation of the object. Participants will be given the chance to try out the approach in small breakout groups. With this in mind, you are advised to have sketching equipment to hand for the webinar.

In the second session, the sketches developed will be used to support creating the object in SolidWorks.

The webinar will be hosted via Zoom. All wishing to attend must register in advance via the Online Booking link. Further instructions will be emailed to those who register. Bookings will close the day before the event or when the event is fully booked. Only those who register will have their CPD record updated after attending the event.

For further details click on the queries or information poster link or contact Limerick Education Centre on 061-585064


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DCG laptop computers no longer available from Capita.

Capita will no longer be supplying devices to schools due to global procurement issues.


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Intermediate SolidWorks Tutorial Video

PDST Webinar - April 2021

Instructional video showing the drawing of the highlighter pen & cap using SolidWorks software.


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Advanced SolidWorks Tutorial Videos

Multibody Approach in SolidWorks

These videos include content covered in PDST Webinars in October/November 2020 which focused on analysing the geometry of an object and deriving an economical approach to creating a artifact in SolidWorks. The advantage of a Multibody Approach will become evident through an examination of the creative thought process.

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A Guide to the Student Assignment

The new booklet offers guidance to teachers and students on possible approaches to successfully completing the DCG Student Assignment.

An updated copy of the booklet is now available to view online or to download.

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  SolidWorks - Introductory & Advanced Workshop Resources

The advanced workshop aimed to up skill and develop teachers understanding of advanced modeling techniques in SolidWorks 2018. The workshop further interrogated ‘Surface Modeling’ techniques for teachers of Design and Communication Graphics while also examining features such as Flex, Split Line, Rib, Combine, Lip & Groove, Vent, and advanced Mechanical Mates.

The introductory workshop was aimed at teachers with little or no prior knowledge of SolidWorks, or those who were looking for a refresher course in SolidWorks. It's aims were to guide the participants through the basic sketching and features commands of SolidWorks. There was an emphasis on economy of design when creating each part of the USB key, looking at parts, assemblies and the application of a decal to a part.

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T4 - DCG CAD Computers for Post-Primary Schools

Modifying the Serial Numbers of the Pre-Installed SolidWorks Software.

The computers have SOLIDWORKS Software preinstalled, but the installation will need to be modified to use the schools’ serial number. The computers come preloaded with SOLIDWORKS, and with a temporary serial number. If this number is not updated SOLIDWORKS will stop working after a few days.

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T4 - DCG CAD Computers for Post-Primary Schools

The order process is now in place for the supply of DCG Mini-Towers and Laptop computers, and both suppliers are ready to accept orders.
There is a separate Order Form and NAGSF form (links below) for each supplier.

Note: DCG Laptops are no longer available from Capita.

The order form includes all relevant details, options and pricing to place orders.

The two suppliers are:

-          Datapac (with a HP Mini-Tower) won the tender to supply DCG Mini-Towers.
-          Capita (with a Dell Laptop) won the tender to supply DCG Laptops.

Note: DCG Laptops are no longer available from Capita.

Summary Costs:
-          Mini-Tower Cost: €978.96 (Including 21.5 Inch monitor, and including VAT).

Note: DCG Laptops are no longer available from Capita.

Order Forms, Notification to Activate Goods and Services (NAGSF) Forms:
Click on links to load required Order and NAGSF Forms.
The relevant order forms should be completed and emailed to the supplier.
As this is a new contract a completed NAGSF form will need to be completed and sent to the relevant supplier.
Once orders are received suppliers can advise on lead times to deliver units.

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Distance Learning

To support teaching and learning through these difficult times we are providing content to promote distance learning (Click on Menu link at top).

As always the PDST t4 team are available and happy to assist teachers of the t4 subjects. You may contact us via the following emails:

Our colleagues in the PDST digtech team have already published a number of useful tutorials and resources that support distance learning. Click here to view the content... Arrow


Corona-virus - (Covid-19 Pandemic)

Note: All face-to-face CPD events are postponed. We will continue to post updates as events evolve. As always the PDST t4 team are available and happy to assist teachers of the t4 subjects. You may contact us via the following emails:

Stay safe and If at all concerned about your health, contact your GP or the HSE helpline on 1850 24 1850.


PDST School Based Support for T4 Subjects

The PDST-T4 team are available to provide school-based support to teachers of Construction Studies, DCG, Engineering and Technology throughout 2019-2020. This support focuses on developing teaching, learning and assessment practices in the T4 subjects. Our advisors can support your school through a single, half-day school visit or through PDST’s new sustained support model.  It is advised to book early as in the case where we are oversubscribed, allocation will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

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Construction Studies - Exploring Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Students of Construction Studies enjoy a rich & varied learning environment through the various activities that they engage with over a two year course of study. This booklet looks at the three parts of the syllabus and the three examination components.

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Completing the Engineering Project

These booklets offer guidance to both teachers & students on possible approaches to successfully completing the Engineering - Technology Project / Manufacture/Design.

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Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA)

Teachers and students can now complete the Certified SolidWorks Associate examinations for free in schools. Schools must initially register as test providers at to commence the process. There is a huge library of resource available on which will guide you through the CSWA.

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Guide to the DCG Student Assignment

An updated version of “A Guide to the Student Assignment” (DCG) is now available to purchase or download.


Converting PDF to an editable document

Instructional video showing how to convert a pdf document to an editable worksheet. Check the "Distance Learning" menu for other online resources.


Upgrading from Win 7

The PDST Technology in Education have a short guideline available on upgrading computers from Win 7 to a supported Operating System, (Win 10 or Chrome OS).


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Construction Studies

New PowerPoint presentations "Towards nZEB for Dwellings 2020 and "A guide to managing experiment work" now added to list of available resources. Click on the "READ MORE" link.

T4 Newsletter

Click on the link below to access the first edition "Summer Newsletter 2018" of the T4 Online Newsletter.


Intermediate SolidWorks

Workshop booklet covering some of the intermediate level sketching tools and features available in SolidWorks 2017 while working through the modeling of parts for a Spatula.


Advanced SolidWorks

Resource notes from PDST 2017 Advanced SolidWorks CPD Workshop.


DCG Coursework

State Examination Commission (SEC) respond to queries regarding DCG Coursework Examination. .


Updated Room Layouts

Updated Room Layouts for Post Primary Schools are currently available in both CAD and PDF format from the DES website.


ICT for teaching & Learning

Example of a Flipped Learning approach in a Tech Graphics classroom..