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Frequently Asked Questions

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Crest Awards
Crest Launch - Feb 2011
1st Lego League - Galway 2011
U-Design-It Competition
T4 & Technology
Robot - Line Follower
Robot - Calibration
Robot - Setting a Boundary
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  • Electronic Components
  • ICT
  • Materials
  • Workshop Equipment
  • Teaching Resources
Electronic Components
Details Web E-mail

Chip Electronics

  • Variety of Electronic components   chip
Circuit Specialists
  • US site featuring electronic components & high torque stepper motors

Cooney Electronics

  • Official Irish  distributor for Rapid Electronics Ltd
Colman Robotics Education    
  • The company has a Line Follower Robot Kit complete with instruction workbook.

iBOTZ Ireland Limited    
  • Electronic components & T4 PCB boards
Kitronik - (Irish Agents)Strahan Distributors Ltd, Block 3 , Aerodrome Business Park, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin.
  • Electronic components and project kits, also some free resources available for download.
  • Variety of Electronic components  
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Information & Communication Technology
  • Control Software: PIC Logicator softwar and control technology kits.
New Wave Concepts    
  • Electronic & Control Software. Circuit Wizard & Genie Design Studio.
  • Project management software, Computer Graphic software, Computer and ICT books, etc.
  • Projectors, LCDs and Touchscreens
Oki Printing Solutions    
  • Printers
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Classroom Materials
Cold Forming Plastic

This plastic looks just like acrylic but has a toughness approaching polycarbonate and can be permanently formed into shape without heating. It is also a shape-memory polymer since it will return to its original flat form on application of moderate heat – e.g., immersion in very hot water.

It can be bend by hand or using sheet metal folding equipment. (Alternatively, the sheet can be thermo-formed using conventional heating methods).

Bending this material makes a great demonstration of a new type of polymer that can be used safely without heat.

It comes as a 3mm thick optically clear sheet indistinguishable from clear acrylic.

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Workshop Equipment
  • CNC Routers, Lathes and Lasers.
  • CNC Routers, Lathes and Lasers.
Central Technology Supplies
  • Technology tools, equipment & consumables.
EPT (Engineering Power Tools)
  • Power and hand tools
Miko Metals
  • Resistant materials and hand tools.
Sligo Graph
  • Technology, DCG and General School supplies.
TechSoft UK
  • CNC Routers, Lasers, knife cutters, etc.
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Teaching Resources
Boxford Online Teaching Resource
  • A range of CAD/CAM projects from the
CASS (Curriculum Advisory Support Service)
  • Website of the Western Education & Library Board in Northern Ireland.
Colman Robotics Education New  
  • The company has a Line Follower Robot Kit complete with instruction workbook.
D&T (The Design & Technology Association)
  • A range of Teaching resources (membership required for access to all resources)
Daydream Education
  • A1 Posters & Visual Learning resources for a variety of subjects.
Festo Robotics
  • Bionic Handling Assistant. Kinematics inspired by the Elephant's trunk.
James Dyson Foundation
  • Resources giving an insight into the process of making something that works.
  • Educational Video's, Lessons & Games.
  • Resources developed by the Teacher Professional Network.
Teacher Professional Network (TPN)
  • Resources developed by the Teacher Professional Network.
TEP (Technology Enhancement Programme)
  • A range of Teaching resources (membership required for access to all resources).
University of Colorado in Boulder
  • Interactive Simulations - Circuit Construction Kit.
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Events Calendar
News Archive


Limerick Institute of Technology hosts 2 day event on the FESTO Meclab Stacking
Station for Engineering Technology and Technology students.


New JC & LC Technology Books

Golden Key Publishers, who published “Technology for Leaving Certificate” in 2015 have informed us that “Technology for Junior Certificate” by Paul Enright will be available in August 2016 .


RTE Insider Robots 2015

The 2015 EA Robot Games Tournament as featured on the RTE Science show 'Insiders'.


ICT for teaching & Learning

Example of a flipped learning approach in a Tech Graphics class.


DCG Resource

A PowerPoint presentation with animations "Descriptive Geometry of Lines & Planes". This resource was developed for T4.


EA Robot Games 2016

Friday the 20th May 2016 in Dublin Castle. This year event should be even better than ever with support and sponsorship from EA Games


New Technology Book

Golden Key Educational Publishing have informed us that the new book "Technology for Leaving Certificate" by Gráinne Enright is now available.


Student Assignment Book
.. Arrow...Re-Printed .. Arrow

This booklet offers guidance to both teachers and students on possible approaches to successfully completing the DCG Student Assignment


Engineering Projects Book

These booklets offer guidance to both teachers & students on possible approaches to successfully completing the Engineering - Technology Project: Manufacture/Design.


Photo's of DCG Rooms

Sample layout of desk design & DCG room layout from various schools.


Technology Room

See a panoramic view of the Technology Room in Scoil Na Trionoide Naofa, Doon, Co. Limerick


Teacher Registration

Would you like us to contact you when new courses or resources become available?  If yes, then select the registration option under the Teacher menu.


Winning Video

Click the link below to view the winning entry in the Film Makers section of the 2014 Irish Junior Mini Sumo Robot Tournament organised by Robotics Ireland in conjunction with Science Foundation Ireland and PDST.

The video was made by Cian Ruane and Shane Mc Cormick, both 5th Yr. students in St. Gerald's College, Castlebar.


Sample Project

Sample1st Year Technology workshop project. The format and layout is based on the style of the PDST Activity Sheets. This resource is provided by Shane Comisky, Adamstown Community School.