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These are Video tutorials of a professional development workshop organised by T4 to demonstrate to teachers how to build, programme and control a Mini Sumo Robot.

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Overview of 2014 Finals
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Mini Sumo Robot Competition Explained Powerpoint
Rules - Sumo Robot.... Updated PDF
Rules - Line Follower Robot....Updated PDF
Sponsors Website - Eletronic Arts Ireland Explorer
  Arrow Organisers Website - Colmac Robotics Explorer
2017 Entry Form Explorer
How to Build the Mini Sumo Robot - Type A Powerpoint
How to Build the Mini Sumo Robot - Type B Powerpoint
Programming Notes PDF
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Mini Sumo Robot Working Drawing & Parts Zip
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History of Robotics Powerpoint
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Summary of Competition Details

Mini Sumo Robot Competition

A match is fought between two robots representing two teams.

Each team competes on a dohyo (Sumo ring) with a robot that they have constructed themselves to the specifications outlined in the competition rules.

The match starts at the MC's command and continues until a contestant pushes his robot opponent out of the ring to earn a Yuhkoh points.

The individual dohyo referee determines the winner of each dohyo.

The team that earns two Yuhkoh points wins the match.

Teams get a 2nd opportunity to advance in the tournament, but 2 losses means elimination from the event.

Line Follower Robot Competition

A robot must autonomously follow all parts of a defined line in whatever course it is competing in. Robots may enter only one of the following line following competitions:

  • GP Competition
    This has a simple line circuit course without any difficult bends. See rules & specifications for further information.

Easy Course


  • F1 Competition
    This has a difficult line circuit course with many difficult bends. See rules & specifications for further information.

Course Difficult

RoboVid Competition

Teams or individuals can enter this competition to create a video based on the theme of Robotics.

  • The video can be any length up to a maximum of 5 minutes .

Videos can feature ANY aspect of robotics that appeals to the students such as:

  • ·         A short film showing the progress of design, manufacture and testing of their Sumo robots throughout the school year.
    ·         The Sumo robots that the students built in action.
    ·         The Future of Robots in Education – Robo Teacher !
    ·         How robots will change the world
    ·         The problems with robots
    ·         Etc etc etc
  1. The videos should have a suitable sound track and generally be more similar to music video style rather than documentary style.
  2. They can be made using any format that we can play on the day.
  3. Videos will be played on a large screen throughout the day and judged by suitably qualified volunteers.

The organisers see this as an opportunity to involve more students in the event and cater for those students who have an added interest in video making and/or who may not be as interested in building an actual robot.


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